Marvin LOVES to Compost and Recycle and is digging his way to a School near you!

Marvin has put together an educational pack for students in Australia in grades one to three. These packs teach the students the importance of Waste, Recycling and Composting. The packs consist of workbooks presented to each student in the class, a garden bed for the class and stickers. These packs have been designed with the Australian Curriculum in mind.

These education packs are a great way to teach students the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They have been written to the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Not only are they a chance for children to gain more knowledge but it is also a great vehicle for Local Governments to spread the word on recycling to save their waste sites from becoming full. As a Community we can become involved with Marvin by sponsoring these packs and ensuring that our local environment can remain a healthy place to live and raise our families in.

Marvin wants to spread the word on reducing reusing and recycling. DID YOU KNOW that a family of four can fill a four bedroom house every year with rubbish! With that in mind it is important to do our bit and educate what can and can’t be recycled so that we can all have a better understanding.

The packs can be purchased by the school or a business can be approached for sponsorship. Please contact us to learn more about this new and exciting program and how to get yours today. 

The year one teachers of Xavier Catholic College in Hervey Bay had the following to say about their Education program: 

"The gardens have been fantastic! The kids are really enjoying being responsible for taking care of them and seeing how they change each week. They love the class ownership side of it too. The compost experiment has been good too, it ties in with Science, and the observation aspect of it has been worthwhile. Our classes love the workbooks, we are only half way through them but they are good, and the little facts are interesting points of reference."

We love to hear from all of our schools on the progress of their gardens and workbooks.