The greenwaste is mulched and composted to Australian Standard 4454 (2012)

Greenwaste is mulched and composted using an aerobic method. Our aerated flooring system has enabled the products to be composted at a faster rate but still maintaining the integrity of the end product and being able to meet Australian Standard 4454(2012).

All products are totally organic, this gives our customers the comfort of knowing that what they are using is natural and that they are contributing to their soil’s health in an environmentally positive way.

We produce 4 different grades of mulch for sale through the Fraser Coast Regional Council. Visit the Fraser Coast Regional Council website to check on the availability and prices. Delivery can be arranged when purchasing your mulch. The four products available are: Standard, Cottage, Premium and Soil Blend.


Standard mulch has been mulched and composted to the Australian Standard. This product  is then composted for eight weeks to pasteurise and mature so that it meets the Australian Standard 4454. This mulch is best used to eliminate soil erosion, and in gardens for moisture retention and a weed suppression.


Cottage Mulch is processed the same as the Standard product with the added benefit of being put through a 45ml screen once the composting process has finalised. Cottage is best used in the garden for moisture retention and weed suppression this grade of mulch is visually pleasing on a garden bed.


As with the other two mulch grades this mulch has also been mulched and composted to the Australian Standard. After composting, this product is put through a 20ml screen which gives it the appearance of soil rather than mulch. This mulch is best used as a soil conditioner and once mixed through existing soil will improve the health of your soil.


We only do deliveries of 10m3 and over. 
NB- We only deliver during the week and when our tucks are available

Please note that the mulch and delivery must be paid for prior to the product being removed from site. 

Phone us on (07) 4124 8950 for a quote today. 

For more information on the products available please feel free to phone or email us.

Fraser Coast Regional Council sell the product to the general public for prices and availability go to their website.